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Transform your Business with Project Management For Profit

Maximize Net Profits on Every Project

With real-time project financial score-keeping right at your fingertips, you'll never again have to wonder where your project's profitability stands. And with this enlightenment comes the remarkable power to make course corrections to your project plan as required... Even more importantly, to precisely measure the financial impact of each of those actions to the bottom line.

Armed with accurate financial data, a project manager can always be sure that profitability is an integral part of the equation for every project decision. It stands to reason: When you can quickly track the effectiveness of every dollar spent on a project, you tend to be able to keep a lot more of those dollars at the end of the project.


Complete Every Project on Time

One of the most important roles of any project manager is to be the "great exalted broker of time". Most busy project managers buy, sell, barter, lose and give away time virtually every day......often times without even knowing it. And it goes without saying........time is one of the most valuable commodities every project manager has.

With the PM4Profit system, time is literally given a dollar value. Every hour spent on the effort and every hour expected to be spent to finish the effort has definitive value. Man-hours, calendar timelines, and dollar figures are linked together in such a manner that everyone can easily and precisely measure and understand the financial impacts of schedule slip, as well as the often underestimated expenses of recovering from negative schedule impacts.

By monitoring and reporting these costs regularly, the PM4Profit system tends to drive schedule from the financial perspective. The financial transparency of project decisions tends to discourage the old heroic cry of "get it done on time, no matter what the cost..." With that in mind from day one, schedules tend to be kept more precisely on a day-to-day basis.


Gain an Early Warning System in Case there are Emergencies

How many times have you looked at less-than-profitable project outcomes and said to yourself "If I'd only known sooner...." With the PM4Profit system, you WILL know sooner! Negative impacts to schedule and budget show up very quickly on your project scoreboard, allowing quick responses and corrections before things get out of control. Fiscal molehills are recognized and dealt with as they develop, before they get a chance to grow into profit-eating mountains.

Think of the PM4Profit system as your project's "profit sonar system". It will let you know where the rocks are before you run yourself aground, and keep you sailing on the most direct path to profitability. Imagine how vulnerable a ship is without sonar.....Like the Titanic, for instance.


Collaborate with a Company Dashboard to Keep Teams in Sync

As any self-respecting football team will readily admit, it's virtually impossible to properly execute a play if you don't have every member of the squad in the huddle and on the same page. How can we possibly expect all of our project team members to execute the plays we need them to if we haven't shared the game plan and the current score with them at each juncture of the game?

The PM4Profit system creates a strong environment of collaborative effort within the project team. Every member knows the game plan and the profit score at any given point in time throughout the life of the project. Everyone's performance can be measured financially, creating levels of accountability previously unattainable. If people can see a tangible metric to define their performance, almost invariably they'll strive to continually improve that performance.