Introducing the Project Management for Profit System

If there’s one job in business today that is in high demand – its project managers. The way a project is managed can make or break a company’s product development efforts; new technology implementations; and large scale change initiatives. Yet for a position and responsibility that has become so critical to a company’s success – most projects continue to come in over budget and behind schedule.

The holy grail of project management is knowing, in terms of both budget and time, where you stand at any given moment, while making course corrections in real time. Most project management systems don’t even come close.

In PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR PROFIT: A Failsafe Guide to Keeping Projects on Track and on Budget (June 26, 2012), Joe Knight (coauthor of the bestselling Financial Intelligence), Roger Thomas, and Brad Angus argue that it doesn’t have to be that way. Their book introduces a new, easy-to-implement system – developed and field-tested for almost two decades – that helps managers stay on track and teaches you how to:

  • Track progress on a weekly basis against budget and deadlines
  • Harness your team to fix whatever goes wrong
  • Identify the need to change orders as they happen and incorporate each change into the overall project financials
  • Use a detailed database of past projects for calculating costs and hours for the most accurate budgets

Project-management professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers in companies both big and small cannot afford to find out after the fact that they missed their targets. Project Management for Profit introduces the Setpoint system to get you where you need to be, on time and on budget.

Project Management for Profit will be available where fine books and ebooks are sold.

About the author

Joe Knight is CFO and co-owner of Setpoint, and co-owner and senior consultant with Business Literacy Institute and has trained managers at organizations such as American Express, P&G, Pacific Life, GM and Tyco International. He is co-author of the popular and highly acclaimed book Financial Intelligence. Roger Thomas is vice president of operations and a project manager at Setpoint. Brad Angus is owner and president of Setpoint.